Brazil Territory: At a glance

Subsea 7's Brazil Territory supports since 1972 a diverse range of SURF, Life-of-Field and Conventional Field Development projects in the Santos, Campos & Espírito Santo basins.

With an outstanding record of delivering seabed-to-surface engineering, construction & services throughout Brazilian and South American waters, our dedicated teams of experts develop long-term client relationships that enable safe and efficient project execution.

Acknowledged as a trusted partner throughout the offshore industry, Subsea 7 embeds values of safety, integrity, innovation, performance and collaboration in all its work practices and business processes.


In addition to its offices in Rio de Janeiro and Niterói, Subsea 7 benefits from operation bases in Macaé and Rio das Ostras as well as two dedicated spoolbases within its Brazil Territory.


The Ubu pipeline fabrication spoolbase is located in the Espírito Santo state, within the Samarco iron ore processing plant, north of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  The base runs 2,225m in length and covers an area of 88,000m².  

The Macaé and Rio das Ostras bases are strategically located in the Special Business Zone in Rio de Janeiro state. They both comprise a workshop and storage area to support Subsea 7's operation.

Macaé's 14000m² operational base is dedicated to the management and engineering of our long term fleet operations, including marine assets management.

The Rio das Ostras base supports its division i-Tech, in the region. Opened in 2009, the 5000m² base also serves as a transit point for materials and equipment and it is an important location for the mobilisation of offshore personnel.


Subsea 7 directly employs almost 2000 people in its Brazil Territory and provides offshore employment opportunities for many more.

Disciplines represented in the region vary from engineers, naval architects, SURF specialists, ROV operators, tooling technicians, software developers, project managers and lots more. 

Case Histories

Project:  Petrobras P55 Export Lines 

Project: Chevron Frade 

Subsea 7's Community Commitment

We take our responsibilities to the communities in which we operate, and to the world as a whole, extremely seriously.We seek to manage our business to the highest ethical standards, in a way that minimises any impact on the environment.

You can learn more about our community work in our territories visit our Community and Society page.